Peru is known for the Cordillera Blanca, “The White Mountain Range”, with many legendary 6000m peaks (33 peaks over 5500m) covering a region of 200km times 50km. Rather than volcanic, the summits in this region remind of the Alps, however up-scaled in height and distance. The access to these peaks are difficult and lengthy and often several days are required to reach a summit.

Our focus in Chile was mainly rock climbing, experiencing the pure cracks in the desert of Atacama and the multi-pitch climbing in the granite paradise of Cochamo.

In Argentina, we will visit the main traditional and sport climbing spots in the Andes, such as Tuzgle, Arenales, Frey, Valle Encantado, Piedra Parada. With some favourable weather we will hopefully achieve some ascents near Chalten.

The interest of our trip:

 The main interest of our project is to reach the peaks and rock walls of the Andes by interesting and challenging routes.


The departure is early august 2012 in order to benefit from the still favourable weather conditions till end of September in the Cordillera Blanca. The duration of the trip is 5 months, a minimum to pretend exploring such a vast region and to achieve a number of successful ascents. The trip will end in Chalten, Patagonia in january 2013, if the world still exists…


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