Soy Paco de Huanchaco

In order to relax, to reorganize, to order new equipment, to discover the pacific coast of Peru, to eat fish every day with less guilty conscience, TO IMPROVE/LEARN SURFING, we decided to spend a week in Huanchaco on the pacific coast of Peru, next to Trujillo, 700 km north of Lima.

Paco de Huanchaco

Street art in Huanchaco

Since the delivery of our purchases took more time than hoped, we finally stayed almost two weeks in this  little town stuck between desert and ocean. We paddled for waves and ate “ceviche”, “arroz con mariscos” and “tortilla de verduras” during the day and watched all sorts of dumb surf and climbing movies during the night (that inspired ours).

A dreamy little girl eating her pollo

Huanchaco has long beaches, one of them being protected by an long elegant wooden pier (0.5 soles entrance fee…). The waves are neither perfectly shaped nor huge but they are consistent all year long and beginner friendly. The water is cold though and the rental suits not very performant (but we learnt one technique to keep warm;-). Huanchaco is popular among backpackers either heading to the north of Peru, Ecuador or Amazonia or willing to do volunteering work. On weekends it draws crowds from Trujillo making the hawkers on the seafront busy.

Sunset at the Veradero Beach

The magic trick with the plastic bag

Typical of Huanchaco are the long, thin, pointed fishing boats made of woven palm. When the fishermen are not riding them through the breakers to deploy their nets, they are lined up vertically along the shore spiking the horizon with imaginary islands.

Nicely aligned fishing boats in Huanchaco

At midday, deserted streets, low houses crushed by the sun, old cars from the midth of the last century and beautiful graffitis give a timeless character to the town.

A reminder of the past

A pelican pictogram in the Chimu Temple of ChanChan


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