“Hatun Machay” la roca loca

sector “erotico”

Since the weather forecast in altitude for the next four days was uncertain, we changed our plans and headed for the climbing area “Hatun Machay”. It is 1.5 hours “collectivo” plus 30 min taxi away from Huaraz, in the direction of the Conococha pass. At an altitude of around 4200 m, the grassy highlands are covered by volcanic rocks with original shapes and colours and heights ranging between 0 and 60 m. But they become even more interesting to the climber when he approaches them. At their foot, he discovers a multitude structures: knobs, holes, cracks, flakes, small columns, bumps with the size of his fingers… Until now around 200 routes are equipped  (in majority one-pitch, well-bolted routes) and the potential is huge. Some topos are available here but are far from being complete. Better ask the hut warden (see below).

view from the “Refugio”

The “Refugio” is a stone building with a dormitory on the first floor and a living room/kitchen/pizza oven!!! on the ground floor. Outside the building, a stone fence delineates the camping ground. The hut is managed by an agency in Huaraz and the hut wardens succeed to each other, recruited among the “gringos” in passing. At the time of our stay, Stefan a (german-english speaking) young Austrian emigrated to Canada and wearing leather shorts most of the time was in charge and Denise an (french-spanish speaking) older french lady was about to take over. By now you can add sign-speaking to both of them…

Marius in the second pitch of “Rasta Quechua”

as many holds as holes

The area is also populated by flocks of sheeps and cows and their respective sheperds and sheperd dogs. The animals sleep in some stone fence (like the campers but without tents) whereas the men sleep in some stone hut built in the sotne fence. And the orders of the warden hut are clear: do not sell beer to the sheperds…

vegi spaghetti


ready for take-off

fasten your seatbelt

























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